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Top Offers [GEOs, Ad Formats, Devices, OS] That Will Bring Larger Profits in November

As the hottest sales season is ramping up, the time factor becomes critical. You simply don’t have hours for researching top GEOs and traffic types matching them with the offers you also have to hand-pick. And you won’t have to. This November sparks, so will your campaigns! With our monthly selection of top AdsMission offers, you get all the necessary settings prearranged. See what GEOs, devices’ types, OS, and ad formats will gain you more conversions.

Our November set includes Dating, VPNs, Smartphone cleaners, Games, and E-commerce top offers. The flow remains the same.

1. Look through our list and pick one or several offers that you are determined to run.
2. Find them or the look-alike offers in your CPA network.
3. Set up a campaign in your AdsMission account with the given GEO, OS, device, and ad format targets.
4. Start getting high-quality traffic and conversions 😼

Top offers to run with Social Bar ad format

Social Bar is an next-gen format that works like in-page push ads but offers unprecedented customization. With lower traffic costs, Social Bar allows for gaining 20-30X higher CTRs compared to web push format. On your AdsMission account, you can upload up to 15 creatives and use our templates that have gained lots of conversions.